Friday, November 13, 2015

sangat fun lah

*post lama ni


today we got DPH presentation. DPH is the short form of Dental Public Health. and i was chosen as one of the presenter. the topic given to us was about cariogenic sugar. cariogenic means food that can cause tooth decay. ok, am not going to explain in details about the presentation.

as usual, everyone might experience this kind of feeling whenever you are going to present something in front of your class right? i was very nervous. yes, undoubtedly. my hand was very cold that i thought it might freeze haha. and so many butterflies flying inside my stomach. (lame joke)

actually what made me really nervous was that they asked me to present about some fun facts about sugar. if you never met me you may be wondering why. but if you know me better, you will understand that my face does not suit to present something funny. haha. people always told me that before they know me better they tend to think that i'm a garang person. but then, they still wanted me to present it. hmm.. what to do, so i just accept.

i was very nervous until the last second before my friend passed the baton to me. while i was standing in front of them, i looked around to find my strength and started the presentation. i think, i was quite 'funny' in front there. kahkah. agak perasan.

alhamdulillah, i managed to finish it nicely.


nothing much i wanna say. sometimes things happen in your life seems too hard at first. however, you are actually qawiyy enough to face it. Allah will not put the burden beyond your ability / capacity.

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…”(Qur’an, 2:286).

yes, you know why?all you need to do is to make that one big - confident - first step to face it. just don't run away from it. it will never solve the problem. face it. just like how i was so nervous, being afraid of speaking in front. but after some time, i found my strength and managed to do it. yes, even though i know mine was not as interesting and good as others'.

because there's always first time for everything right?  

many challenges are destined for you. yes you. not anyone else. Allah specifically put that particular burden / hardships / challenges / ujian / whatnot just for you. because Allah wants you to learn something from it. that situation Allah puts you in is for you to learn. to get the hikmah. the blessings in disguise. 

then, why so sad when being tested? 

chill lahh. 

oke? :)

*hakhak. rajin pulak memalam buta update blog. sindrom nak balik UIA camni lah kot ye?

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