Tuesday, March 10, 2015

masa itu


as usual. huh

i know ive been talking too much about time management. again. when u asked allah for something, u have to bear in mind that allah will surely test u on that matter.

for example, u asked allah to give u solutions on ur problem regarding ur time management. so, u have to be prepared for that u know. u know what i mean? allah will test u with so many things to be done within short time. and that is what happens to me right now.

these few days, i have problem to balance between my study and all. seriously. with all those meetings every night non stop! bajet busy sangat lettew huh. no, it's not. my intention writing here is just to express my feelings, these mixed up feelings of not being good in time management. some sort of to reflect upon myself. sape je la pon nak baca blog ni. kalau ada pon saffana jela dok?? haha

but then, i couldn't agree more that this is tarbiyyah from allah. directly from him. alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. this, everything that happened to me these few days made me realize that sometimes it's not that u have no time, but u are not good enough to utilize ur time. ure still doing lagha things which will steal ur time without u realizing it, u know.

and seriously, only now i can really feel the gist of suratul 'asr. when allah puts me in this situation, i appreciate this surah more than before. i feel very close to this surah. yes, indeed!

tolong doakan saya jadi seorang multi-tasker yg bagus oke. :)

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